Drop 2 sizes challengers! Everyone's a winner!!!


Ashley A.

When I first started I was unmotivated and unhappy. I was also unsure if I would like small group and afraid of judgment. I can honestly say there was NO judgment! I love each one of these ladies! I feel motivated to try harder and do my best without comparison. I can now say I'm happy because I'm down 30 pounds and seeing progress!


Michelle B.

This challenge has been great! I have stuck to the "no dairy" policy and I definitely think it's helped decrease my inflammation. I've also made protein a priority and tracking my food WORKS! My new mantra is "TRACK or SLACK"!


Cathy B.

I've learned to get rid of the excuse that I'm too old to lose weight! I am NOT too old. I was just eating too much of the wrong things. Once I started eating healthy, the pounds/inches just fell away.

Kari R.


I love the encouragement and comradely amount the group. There is never a workout that we don't laugh, but we still work hard. Life is stressful, but I know that even on a bad day I will feel better physically and mentally after dragging myself to LifeFit! The trainers are the BEST!

Nicole P.


I always wanted to see results quick and if I didn't I would just give up. I learned that in order to reach my goals it's more than just a quick fix...it's consistency and determination. 

Heather D.


This is only 3 WEEKS of hard work and dedication before work travels called! Awesome job Heather!

Trainer Tasha


Yes, even trainers need accountability sometimes! 

Here's what our clients are saying...

"My A1C is NORMAL"

"I just want to give a shout out to LF and report positive news. I have been attending 3 times a week at LF and I'm pretty diligent about it. I had been trying to modify my diet for two years as I am pre-diabetic (in my case Type II due to genetics, not due to excess overweight). I had some minor success but my sugar never went down below the cutoff for pre-diabetes. Three months working out with LF with no diet changes and no meds: I checked my A1C last week and it was just under the cutoff (in other words, normal). I am very pleased and will continue to workout at LifeFit to keep my sugar under control and build strength. Side benefit...my clothes fit better and I have more energy.” -Raquel

I love that you're on the island!

"My balance, core strength, & flexibility have all improved"

"I'm so glad you're on the island! Bre is the best trainer and Brooke's Mat Pilates class is improving my balance, core strength, and flexibility. By me regularly coming to my workouts it helps keep my husband excited and consistent with his health and fitness also!"  -Cathy

Stronger Together


Steve and Kellye made the decision to get fit and healthy together. They  love to travel and live life, but still make time to pursue their health and fitness goals. 

Steve has lost over 50 lbs and feels great. Kellye is creating her strong toned body to keep her active and healthy for years to come!

It pays to workout!


Sam has an unpredictable work schedule but still manages to attend small group personal training 2-3 times a week  and Saturday bootcamp. She makes getting stronger and staying active a priority. At LifeFit we always keep it fun with ways to win gift cards and other cool prizes for staying active. Hope you enjoyed your $50 Visa Sam!

"I love it, it's so much fun"


Kelly's goals are to be stronger and lift heavy things. She has been crushing her weight lifting program with trainer Bre and she loves every minute of it. Nothing feels better than pushing your limits and achieving goals you never thought were possible!

Happy Clients!

LifeFit has changed my life!


LifeFit has changed my life! I’m a mother of a child with disabilities and I knew I needed to take better care of myself. Working out has improved my energy and health, while losing 30 lbs in the process! -Denise C.

You're the best!


I just wanted to thank LifeFit for getting me into a workout program again. As someone who's had multiple knee and multiple shoulder surgeries, I put my health in their hands to get me back in shape without re-injuring myself. Now, I’m back in the gym regularly and on my way to getting back into shape. Thanks again, you're the best! -Ryan R.

A beautiful, clean studio!


A beautiful, clean studio with great equipment along with professional staff! Enjoying the knowledge and care I receive at LifeFit! -Tara G.

I feel important, strong and encouraged!


Since starting my workouts at LifeFit my health has improved tremendously. I am a type 2 diabetic with gastroparethis. I used to have flare ups that would last for a few days and most of the time I would end up in the hospital. Since working with Tasha and Stacie my flare ups are far and few between and with less intensity. My diabetes is better controlled. When I started I couldn’t do one squat without holding on to something now I can do 12! I can climb up and down stairs without feeling like I’m gonna pass out. My whole body can move and function much better. The trainers make me feel important, strong and encouraged. I would recommend for anyone to go no matter what size you are!! -Sonda W.  

Truly a no judgement zone!


Excellent facility with extremely knowledgable trainers.  The staff is friendly and my trainer Bre is wonderful.  Truly a no judgement zone!

Major improvement on my bone density tests!

-Anne B.

Feeling Stronger!


Mercedes is stronger, has more endurance, down 5 pounds, and excited and ready to tackle her next workout! Training just 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes.